History of our Brands
German pioneer of aeronautics renowned for his huge airships, constructed 1900 the first ever dirigible aero fixed airship ZEPPELIN "LZ 1", 1909 founder of the Company Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH, Friedrichhafen. "The crazy Count from Lake Constance" built up workshops that developed and produced engines, gear transmission machinery, envelopes and cellular gas bodies for the airship sheds construction.
"LZ 127 GRAF ZEPPELIN" and "LZ 129 HINDENBURG" were historic milestones never reached again. ZEPPELIN constructed between 1900 & 1938 in total about 100 ZEPPELIN - airships in 27 different versions. The largest was "LZ 129" in 1938 with length of 245 meters, diameter of 41.2 meters, volume of 200.000m3, 4 Daimler diesel engines with 4.200 PS, maximum speed of 131 km / hour and a range of 12000 kilometres reaching North and South America for transport of passengers, mail and freight.
Hugo Junkers was an ingenious German aeroplane engineer and inventor of the double piston engine drive "Junkers Motor"; In 1915 Junkers company constructed the first ever all metal aircraft ( the iconic Iron Annie) making use of corrugated iron, 1930 construction of the 4-engine airliner "G38", the "F13" and last-not-least 1931 the 3-BMW engine passenger airplane "JUNKERS JU 52". "AUNT JU" was on duty for decades for LUFTHANSA and many other early airlines worldwide. The plane was in use for air-passengers and freight post cargo as it reached for the time outstanding safety, reliability and punctuality.
In the 20’s and 30’s there were nearly no airlines worldwide where no JUNKERS planes were in action. JUNKERS aeroplanes achieved many flight world records i.e. altitude record 1919, around the world 1930, 1st Atlantic flight 1928 and the Himalayan flight 1937.
Nowadays a "JU52" has a predominant exhibition place at the German Museum in Munich, another plane is displayed at the international Munich airport. And … believe it or not, some few historic air transportation servers are still on duty for local tourist flights in Southern Germany.
Established in Switzerland back in 1920 by watchmaker Jacques Beaufort, over the years Elysee passed through the hands of few different owners and eventually re-established in Germany in 1991.  Family owned and operated, Elysee (pronounced el - eh- say), utilizes state of the art technique and extensive post assembly testing to assure each timepiece will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding buyer.  The brand has ties to European road racing and has done many collaboration pieces with well known drivers. This is a beautifully designed and well crafted line, they're priced very competitively and backed by a 2 year international warranty.
In 1925, Laco started the production of timepieces in the tiny village of Pforzheim, near the Black Forest. A family-owned atelier founded by Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel.
Laco became well-known by the Fliegeruhren and was one of only 5 companies chosen to manufacture the 55 millimeter sized chronometers for the German Luftwaffe.
This was the basis for Laco’s post war success as Laco – duro was considered to be a shining example of German manufacturing capability and brand of historic significance.

Well after the war, back in 1959, Laco was acquired by the US Time Corporation (Timex) to produce movements, the American owner’s about-turn of strategy (more of a volume approach, with less emphasis on craftsmanship) caused an economic downturn and eventually the companies split and Laco by Lacher as it was known then, turned back to its roots of quality rather than quantity.
Made in Germany: The idyllic town of Pforzheim has been the home of Laco from the very beginning up to the present. Today every Laco timepiece is still assembled by hand,
It is still a skilled watchmaker who skillfully assembles each Laco watch in the traditional manner.

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